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Global Gate: Israeli customs going paperless

Global Gate: Israeli customs going paperless

We are happy to introduce you with the new reform in the Israeli customs. This reform has been designed to simplify the administrative burden of the international movement of goods.

If you have any questions regarding this issue or others we’d love to provide the answers. Contact us on:


The “Global Gate” system will enable all relevant certified Partners to connect to one data base. The main benefits of this data base will be the use of paperless procedures; electronic forms; smart ID cards for every user; supervised service time etc. leaving behind the “hard-copy” world and complex bureaucracy.

The customs administration believes that this system will lead Israel in a few years to the worldwide forefront in foreign trade!


ISLINE is one of the two top Israeli custom-broker agencies, invited to participate and contribute to the Israeli customs “Round Table” working on the “Global Gate” system. 

In the past year, ISLINE was working closely with the Israeli customs authority, studying intensively, practicing and simulating all possible scenarios in the “Global Gate” system. 
We are preparing our employees and customers in the best possible way for the “Global Gate” system and are ready to provide our customers with the best service available on the market.