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Custom clearance

Custom clearance

Customs’ Brokerage

The customs’ brokerage department is one of the largest departments at ISLINE. Among its employees you’ll find a professional selection of certified customs’ agents, professional selectors and certified clerks – all possessing a wealth of professional experience. The departments’ team, all veterans in their respective fields of expertise, maintains a high level of service and inventiveness when tackling issues related to the  customs’ authorities.

ISLINE’s customs’ clearance department consists of teams managing both customers and largely varied cargo, such as foundation materials, computerization and high-tech products, agriculture, machinery, perishable food products and medical supplies.

ISLINE’s customs’ brokerage department is equipped with  some of the most advanced high-tech systems to be found in Israel. “Amital Data” ERP UniFreight system offers automatic interfaces guaranteeing a fast, accurate and continuous handling, alongside a comprehensive management of the customs’ file, including communication with the shipping departments, to the ground transport and  external interfaces such as  customs’ house,  ports’ authorities, The Standards’ Institution of Israel, etc.

An amalgamation of ISLINE’s shipping services with the customs authority, as an integral part in the service chain to the importer, verified itself as providing the optimal solution for the customer.

A preparation of the customs’ file by the data system is implemented prior to the cargo’s arrival in Israel, thus allowing the customs’ clearance department to commence the  cargo’s early release procedure. This method extends the customer a rapid handling in direct continuation with the air or ocean import procedure.

The customs’ brokerage department has a great deal of experience in releasing packed vessels at Israel’s ports, using a primary terminal in the Israel shipyard docks at Haifa and Ashdod ports, appropriating unloading and direct delivery of goods into trucks making their way to the customer’s destination of choice.

The customs’ brokerage department also includes a professional Arab desk, providing service in Arabic to Arab- Israelis as well as Palestinian Authority and Gaza Strip customers. The Arab desk service , is a more detailed service responsive of customers’ needs along with a coordination of those with the defense and civilian authorities ‘administrations respectively.

The customs’ clearance department offers ISLINE customers a variety of complementary services such as on-land transport, cargo insurance, cargo automatic dispatch updates, cargo tracking on your mobile, appraisal services, legal counseling and many more additional amenities.