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ISLINE provides services for a large variety of customers including shipping and customs brokerage companies. Whether you are a Freight Forwarder seeking solutions in an agentless destination, or a major Freight Forwarder simply requiring flexibility and creativity in operating a certain cargo, or a certain service line, ISLINE can supply you with the optimal solution

ISLINE operates with integrity and clarity, thus numerous Freight Forwarders choose it for their cargo consolidation, fully confident their customers’ cargo will be handled with the utmost prominence and with complete faith in ISLINE’s loyalty

ISLINE operates a large number of agents, carefully chosen worldwide. Utilizing this system allowed us to compile a vast amount of information and understanding of global markets, which, in turn, put us in a position to supply flexible, border-crossing solutions for our customers.

ISLINE has, over the years, developed key expert, logistical abilities along the major commercial lines, among them Europe, the United States and China. These abilities allow the company to award its customers a closer and more precise and accessible service.

ISLINE initiated strategic partnerships with technological companies, specializing in the development and provision of major high-tech solutions as part of its professional action. The investment in tech databases, alongside these collaborations, not only tests positive, but positions the company at technology’s front, guaranteeing an optimal interface between all the provision chain’s links to the customer.

ISLINE exhibits all the said advantages in favor of other shippers, allowing  them a COLOADING with the company. This winning combination strengthens ISLINE’s lines on the one hand, while opening new doors and venues to other different shippers.

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