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Cargo Tracking

Cargo Tracking

ISLINE is proud to deliver to its customers the cutting edge of technology, and to allow full disclosure for your cargo and its current status.

The company’s customers can have access to their cargo status in several methods:

1. Entrance to the operating system (UNIFREIGHT):
those  authorized can access the company’s operating system with a username and password via the following link:
Click here to track shipments

customers wishing to join the new service,
currently being inaugurated, following their approval for logging into the company’s operating system with given username and password.
The app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play
please contact

customers requesting email updates can add an alert system to their account  settings with us,
after which the system will automatically transfer with every cargo status change.
Customers requesting this service should contact the customer service person in order to arrange the settings to receive the requested updates.
please contact