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About us

About us

ISLINE was founded in 1986 by Mr. Reuven Hershkovitch. From one small branch in central Tel Aviv, the company has grown extensively and today operates six branches in addition to the main office in the Lod industrial district.

ISLINE currently employs a staff of 120 to provide the variety of services offered by the company.

ISLINE started by operating in western Europe, with an emphasis on international shipping from Italy. The expertise and experience acquired through the Italian line propelled the company’s growth and its expansion to the rest of Europe. ISLINE has maintained its position as a Marker Maker in Italy as well as in numerous other European ports.

ISLINE has engaged in strategic partnerships with a large number of competent and talented agents over the past few years. Our partnerships allow us to handle a wide variety of cargo at attractive, competitive prices and to develop new, strategically important destinations, such as Koper, Slovenia and Vietnam.

In 2012, ISLINE partnered with VANCUARD/DCL of the NACA group, one the largest NVOCC companies in the world. In 2014, ISLINE upgraded its capacities in China via an agreement with EUROASIA, the fifth largest agency in the country.


ISLINE understands that the varying and ever-fluctuating supply chain, as well as the frequent local and global changes, pose a constant challenge to providing excellent service and optimum solutions for its customers.

ISLINE operates numerous, carefully selected agents globally. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and profound understanding of the full range of international markets and on our ability to provide flexible, border-crossing solutions for our customers.

ISLINE does not limit itself to a single agent to prevent cargo transport from being constrained by the whims of a single agent. Our system provides an optimal solution for each individual cargo and addresses the unique needs of every customer.

ISLINE has developed a variety of significant logistic capabilities and expertise along the main mercantile lines, including Europe, the United States and China, which give our customers closer, more accurate and more accessible service.

ISLINE provides personalized service for customers to fit their unique individual needs. We ground our service in professionalism and the highest level of integrity. Our skilled, reliable and courteous employees are always available to respond to the needs of our customers.

ISLINE has initiated strategic partnerships with a number of technological companies that specialize in developing and offering advanced high-tech solutions. These partnerships, alongside investment in advanced data systems, place technology at the forefront of our company to provide optimal access between the supply chain and the customer.

ISLINE recognized by Customs as a certified economic
(Authorized Economic Operator AEO-) This is a business entity which is checked by the customs authority and approve, along with its trade chain that they stable the criterias set for participation in the program. As a result, the customs authority grants approved economic factor easing the process of international trade. An important component of trade chain security programs is a mutual recognition agreement (MRA). Customs authorities in different countries sign a mutual recognition agreements, recognizing criteria and credentials of the miscellaneous programs. By doing so they reduce the need for different customs checks and ensure that world trade would flow without interruptions and unnecessary delays.

Additionally ISLINE holds a certificate ISO 2008 Quality Standard Certification: IOS 9001 it is a part of an ongoing process, which the company began years ago, and which was formed the current organizational structure aimed at improving the service to the customers.

ISLINE – We provide service and take responsibility.


ISLINE, alongside excellent service takes responsibility. We demonstrate our responsibility not just professionally but in every aspect of how we operate.

ISLINE believes in community and social involvement to contribute to and create a moral society based on values, and to strengthen the sense of belonging for the company and its employees.

ISLINE, an Israeli company with deep roots in and a strong connection to the country, joined the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to plant the ISLINE Forest located on the outskirts of Jerusalem. In the course of this multi-annual project, ISLINE employees planted over 10,000 trees.

Alongside service excellence, we take responsibility, which is conveyed not only professionally, but also through involvement in our community. ISLINE also periodically provides assistance and monetary donations to various organizations, and company employees regularly volunteer in the community. We are proud of our ongoing community involvement!

ISLINE partner organizations

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הגדרת התפקיד כדכדדגכעדג דד

פרטים נוספים על התפקיד כשךגלחכךגלחשגךגףשג כשגכשףגכ ףשגכףשךגכףשךלכףקךק כשךגלחכךגלחשגךגףשג כשגכשףגכ ףשגכףשךגכףשךלכףקךק כשלחשגךגדכדיטאגףשג כשגכשףגכ

שם העובד

הגדרת התפקיד כדכדדגכעדג דד

פרטים נוספים על התפקיד כשךגלחכךגלחשגךגףשג כשגכשףגכ ףשגכףשךגכףשךלכףקךק כשךגלחכךגלחשגךגףשג כשגכשףגכ ףשגכףשךגכףשךלכףקךק כשלחשגךגדכדיטאגףשג כשגכשףגכ

שם העובד

הגדרת התפקיד כדכדדגכעדג דד

פרטים נוספים על התפקיד כשךגלחכךגלחשגךגףשג כשגכשףגכ ףשגכףשךגכףשךלכףקךק כשךגלחכךגלחשגךגףשג כשגכשףגכ ףשגכףשךגכףשךלכףקךק כשלחשגךגדכדיטאגףשג כשגכשףגכ

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